Collection: Barrie J Davies

Barrie J Davies is an artist based in Brighton, UK. He uses a variety of artistic methods when creating his works, including graffiti, humour, street art, graphic design, and pop art.

In 2000, he graduated from the Southampton Institute with a degree in fine art, and in 2004, he earned his Master's in fine art from the University of Wales Institute.

Social media, graffiti, consumerism, pop culture & the urban environment in which he lives all have an impact on his paintings.

Acrylic, common paints, spray paint, glitter, screen printing, markers, comic books, digital printing, and found objects are just a few of the mediums he employs.

His vibrant, lighthearted pop art, which draws inspiration from street art, explores the human experience via topics like success, money, glamour, love, loss, sex, gender & religion.

Barrie's artwork can be found in public & private collections around the world & is also owned by Noel Fielding & Norman Cook (also known as DJ Fatboy Slim).

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