Collection: Luke Pantelidou

Luke Pantelidou (LP) is a Brighton based artist, illustrator and screen printer originally from London. He has spent nearly all of his professional life working in the visual arts in areas including illustration, magazine publishing, photography, graphic design and video production.

He can trace his early influences right back to his childhood where some of the rich imagery of his parent’s record collection - predominantly of the 60s & 70s - served as a bounty of inspiration for his early ideas and works. ‘I have always felt there is a special relationship between music and art, from the psychedelic album covers and gig posters of the 60s to the rave flyers of the 90s. For me sound and vision are soul mates. Perhaps LP is a fitting set of initials for me!’ 

Other areas of influence include popular culture, film, art and TV. 

Luke’s has featured in a number of collective shows and sold work through Print Club London, We Built This City in Carnaby St. ATOM gallery, Art for Art’s Sake - and Conclave and the AOH here in Brighton.

You can check out more of Luke’s work on his website: and instagram: @lpsnaps