Collection: Cassette Lord

Cassettelord is a Brighton based street artist and he was the first to paint his designs onto the green media cabinets of Brighton.

He is best known for his large cassette visual tag, and
he seeks to introduce retro pop art and a sense of the surreal into our everyday urban environment.
Through using repetition and public spaces Cassettelord hopes
to subvert multi media propaganda and dull advertising by using the very tools and ubiquitous weapons of advertising against its self by offering a creative visual
alternative to the cynical grey sludge of the advertising onslaught.
Cassettelord is Inspired by the work of Claes Oldenburg and Andy Warhol as well
as Japanese animation, retro design and graffiti art, he combines high contrast colours with bold outlines to create urban totems and wildlife that out last the faddism of the cheap mass-produced product that crowds every sensory platform.
He says "In order to stand toe to toe with the monster of advertising art needs to be built into our environment and pack
a dynamic punch"