Collection: Magpie Art


Magpie Art has always had a lively and chaotic mind, busy colours and layered images fascinate him. His creativity stems from a borderline eccentric imagination and elaborate visions. He never realised how restrictive and demeaning his childhood was, until he went through therapy. The reaction to this self discovery was to convey years of suppressed freedom of expression through his artwork, finally celebrating who he is and no longer holding back!

He finds inspiration from an infinite range of mediums, from cinema to cover art, comedy and nature, the list goes on. Music is an old friend of his when it comes to relaxing his thoughts and seeking inspiration. This is evident in the chaotic styles that he draws on for his work, styles which, to him, give some clarity on what his minds eye sees.

Now, he feels liberated to finally do what makes him happy, and he takes great satisfaction from the joy that it may bring others.

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