Collection: Kareen Herbert

Kareen is a quirky bright illustrator / printmaker,  who creates curious dream-like images often conjured from her imagination. She is inspired by her personal experiences and ideas gathered from her hometown of Brighton. She currently creates a mixture of work, and has a background in fine art as well as photography. She graduated from The University of Portsmouth with a BA (hons) Illustration in 2009. 

This is where she first enjoyed Printmaking and experimenting with different materials. In the past few years she has explored linocut printmaking, mashing up traditional techniques with other printed imagery to create bold edgy pieces. 

She enjoys producing work by hand, using tactile materials, including acrylic paint, gouache, markers and pencils. Often using several mediums on top of each other in a free and explorative manner.   

You can find out more about her work on her website at and follow her journey on her Instagram @kareenherbert.